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Welcome to the Center for Biophysics

The central topic of this Centre for Biophysics is the theoretical and experimental modeling of non-equilibrium processes in biological and in particular cellular systems. Its major goal is to reveal and understand basic physical principles governing the active, energy dissipating dynamics of many interacting molecular or cellular agents leading to emergent forms and functions in living matter.

The main characteristics of the center are on one hand a topical focus on the development of theoretical concepts for experiments performed in the same and on the other hand a dedicated collaboration between life scientists and physicists visible in strongly inter-dependent research project.


Understanding How Biological Matter Self-Organises: An article by

We are happy to refer you to a very interesting article about the SFB 1027. You can find it here:

New research building for the Center for Biophysics

The Center for Biophysics (ZBP) of the Saarland University, the academic center based on the scientific activities and personell of the SFB 1027, will get a new research building on the Saarbrücken campus, to be completed until 2023. The Scientific Council (“Wissenschaftsrat”) of Germany decided to grant 37 Mio. Euro, financed equally by federal and […] (Read more…)

Four new members join our center

As the the Center for Biophysics is growing we are happy to welcome four new researchers into our ranks. One of our new members is Prof. Niels de Jonge, who is the head of the department of innovative electron microscopy at the INM in Saarbrücken since 2012. As a biophysicist his research focuses on electron […] (Read more…)