Four new members join our center

New members in the Center for Biophysics

One of our new members is Prof. Niels de Jonge, who is the head of the department of innovative electron microscopy at the INM in Saarbrücken since 2012. As a biophysicist his research focuses on electron microscopy of specimens in liquid, membrane proteins in cells, and three-dimensional electron microscopy.

Also joining us is Prof. Aránzazu del Campo, who is the scientific director and also the head of the department of dynamic biometarials at the IMN in Saarbrücken. She is a Polymer Chemist and leads a research group in the field of Biointerfaces since 2005. Her previous appointment was as a Minerva fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Polymer Research in Mainz (2009-15).

Prof. Robert Ernst, another new member of our center, focuses on Organelle Identity, Membrane and protein quality control systems, Cell biology of lipids and Membrane-based signalling mechanisms in his research. Before he became a professor at the Institute of Medical Biochemistry in Homburg he was a Emmy Noether Independent group leader at the Institute of Biochemistry at the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Moreover Prof. Leticia Prates-Roma from the department of Biophysics in Homburg is joining us. Her research is strongly focused on redox biology and in particular how reactive oxygen species influence cellular signalling pathways in health and disease.