New research building for the Center for Biophysics

The Center for Biophysics (ZBP) of the Saarland University, the academic center based on the scientific activities and personell of the SFB 1027, will get a new research building on the Saarbrücken campus, to be completed until 2023. The Scientific Council („Wissenschaftsrat“) of Germany decided to grant 37 Mio. Euro, financed equally by federal and state funds, for the new building, which merge the biophysicis research groups (Jacobs TP B1-B2, Lautenschlaeger TP A9, Ott TP C1, Rieger TP A3, Santen/Shaebani TP A7-A8, Seemann TP B4, Wagner, Hub, and JP Cell Biophysics) on the campus Saarbrücken on a total area of 3800 m2. It will host seven key laboratories, comprising confocal, atomic force and electron microscopy, XPS surface analysis, clean room, cell cultures and high performance computer room, as well as common laboratories for research projects performend in collaboration with the medical faculty located on the campus Homburg. The Center for Biophysics (ZBP) and its new research building will continue the research infrastructure established by the SFB 1027 beyond its funding period and extend it by the research areas membrane biophysics and multiclelluar processes.

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